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Chances to be selected: as high as 1 out of 33!

Last year, close to 111,000 winners were selected from 7,300,000 qualifying applications. This means that approximately one out of every 65 qualified entries were selected. Married couples can double their chances by submitting one application for the main applicant and one application for the applicant's spouse. This increases the chances to one out of every 33 qualified entries!

Chances to be disqualified: 1 out of 3!

Last year, over 2,900,000 applications were disqualified because they did not submit their entries correctly as required by the instructions. That's almost one out of every 3 entries!


You have a high chance of being selected, but a much higher chance of being disqualified if your application does not comply with the submission requirements.

The online registration wizard walks you through every step of the application process, checking for errors and omissions and making sure that you comply with the submission requirements. Register now and create an application and instruction form in less than 5 minutes.

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