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It is so far again! The government of the USA distributes once again 50.000 green cards within the framework of the Diversity Visa Program in the YEAR 2004  (DV 2005 Program).

Thus, also you can live and work in the USA or settle down there permanently. You do not need to go through a long and partly very expensive application procedure like, for instance, in the frame of familiar reunion, which totals 2 to 8 years. You can begin your new life in the USA already next year or, of course, also later.

With the green card this possibility is lifelong for you.

In the DV-2005 Program of the US government, which will take place in 2003, all participants have the same chances, without respect of persons. The most important is that your application comes in the USA in the correct form and on schedule.

Last year (2002)  43,6 % of the applications were submitted inaccurately and were therefore unfeasible for the draw. In order that this does not happen to you, we help you. We revise your application on the basis of the current guidelines of the US authorities, we bring it to the US- Visa Center by using our personal couriers, and we ensure that it is acknowledged.

You will not only receive a confirmation of the forwarding from us, but also the official "Nortary Certificate of Mailing", which confirms you apply 100%.






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